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DLRspace scienceOdyseeum
Frauenhofer Istitute für Lasertechniklaser technologyVisiting Aachen
AmpaCitysuperconducting power cableZeche Zollverein
Leyboldvaccum technologybrewery
FordR&DFord car production
MPIradio astronomygeo caching
RWEpower supplysoccergolf
FZ Jülichscience centerFreilichtmuseum
Aixtronsemiconductors and nanomaterialsclimbing

Excursion 1

DLR – Köln


At DLR you will get the chance to get to hear about projects of the German Aerospace Center like the Roetta mission and visit the European Astronaut Center (EAC) where the training of astronauts like the german member of the international space station Alexander Gerst takes place. Furthermore the institues for aerospace medicine and solar reasearch are on the schedule.

Excursion 2

Frauenhofer Istitute für Lasertechnik – Aachen

© Fraunhofer ILT Volker Lannert

In Aachen the Frauenhofer Institute for Lasertechnology resides. Their research areas are material processing and pharmaceutical applications. Learn how laser light can be used in different research areas.

Citytour Aachen

The city Aachen also known as Aix-la-Chapelle is the most western metropolis in Germany. The city is internationally known not only for its university RWTH but also for its hot springs and its historical importance as the residence of Charlemagne. Visit the historic Old Town and Aachen Catherdral.

Excursion 3

AmpaCity – Essen

AmpaCity transformer station by RWE

In the city of Essen, two transformer substations are connected with the longest superconducting cable in the world. Learn about challenges and opportunities when visiting AmpaCity.

Zeche Zollverein – Essen

The “Zeche Zollverein” was formerly the biggest stone coal mine in the world. Today it is listed as an UNESCO world heritage. Lear about the daily live of the miners, the way of the coal and its present-day importance.

Excursion 4

Leybold – Köln

© Leybold, Pressematerial

Vacuum pumps are an important part of many physical experiments. Learn more about pumps and vacuum by visting the company Leybold. As a pioneer of vacuum technology Leybold develops applications for vacuum creation as well as for extraction of process gases.

Excursion 5

Ford – Köln

Visiting R&D department of Ford. tbc

Ford – Köln

© Nize

The german headquater of ford resides in Cologne at which you can get an insight into car production located in Germany.

Excursion 6

MPI Effelsberg

The Max Planck Institute for Radio Astronomy investigates the physics of stars, galaxies and the universe. The latest developments and findings will be discussed in a lecture and guided tour.

Geo Caching – Effelsberg

Antenahr is a small city with an old romanesque church and castle ruins. Surrounded by vineyards, it’s perfect for hiking. Explore Altenahr and its surorundings with different geocaching routes.

Excursion 7

RWE –  Weisweiler

The Garzweiler open pit mine is part of the Rhineland mining area, the largest lignite mining area in Europe. During the excursion not only the huge bucket wheel excavators are visited, but also recultivation measures and a resettlement site.

Soccergolf – Inden

© René Ebeling

By combining soccer and golf the game soccergolf is created. The goal is to get the ball along obstacles with some experimental skill and your feet in 18 holes.

Excursion 8

Forschungszentrum Jülich

Jülich is one of the biggest research centre in Europe. Research is focused on relations between research areas energy, information, and sustainable bioeconomy covering a broad spectrum from theoretical and experimental fundamental research to applications. Several facilities as Helmholtz Nano Facility, Ernst Ruska-Centre (ER-C) for Microscopy and Spectroscopy with Electrons, the particle accelerator COSY, several supercomputers and the decommissioned TEXTOR tokamak for fusion research are located here.

Freilichtmuseum Kommern

© Hans-Theo Gerhards/LVR

With over 60 farms, mills, workshops and other buildings, one of Europe’s largest open-air museums takes visitors on a journey back in time to life in the Rhineland from the 15th century onwards. In Kommern you can experience nature, history and technology.

Excursion 9

Aixtron – Herzogenrath


Aixtron is an offshoot from the semiconductor department of the RWTH, founded in 1983. They’re producing MOCVD machines for material coating. See what happens when research meets industry.