ICPS 2019 Poster challenge

To bridge with you the waiting time to the 34th International Conference of Physics Students in Cologne as well as to support you in reaching and bringing along more of your local buddies we created for you the ICPS 2019 Poster challenge! The rules are simple and easy:

1. Take photo/video of yourself and an ICPS poster at well-visible location at your university/research institute

2. Post it on social media and tag ICPS2019 directly as well as by the hashtags #icps2019 and #icps2019posterchallenge so that we can find it

3. Share with us in the post one thought/sentence why you are particularly looking forward to ICPS 2019

4. Collect your well-deserved price at ICPS 2019 being besides fame and appreciation of the organisers a free drink at an ICPS 2019 social given that you manged to be the first one from your uni; so better be quick.

Don’t worry, if you haven’t manged to become first at your university, you can still win an additional price with creativity! The five most creative post and pictures will receive as well a free drink of their choice at an ICPS 2019 social. Hence, perhaps think about a small physics performance or ICPS flash mob when presenting the poster to us 😊

The poster can be downloaded here in full resolution both as png and pdf. The minimal requirement to be eligible for the poster challenge is one coloured A4 while A3 or A2 is recommended. More posters at different locations or larger than A4 ones are taken into account for the creativity award.