Social Activites

Opening Reception

Saturday, 10.08., 21:00 — Hörsaalgebäude

The ceremony will be in the Aula Magna of the university—don’t worry, it is easy to find and volunteers will guide you there.
Directly after the opening ceremony we will have a welcome reception at the university not far from the aula.
Here you will have an opportunity to meet and greet your fellow ICPS participants.
To facilitate this there will be an icebreaker BINGO game, with a prize for everyone who gets a BINGO!
We will have a special ICPS cocktail available—the social lubricant of choice for the discerning physicist—as well as other drinks and snacks.


Mayor Reception

Sunday, 11.08., 12:30 – 13:30 — Historic Town Hall

The major of the city of Cologne will welcome us in her city. For this occasion we are invited to the town hall, where we will have some drinks, make the group photo and get lunch.


City Rally

Sunday, 11.08., 14:30 – 19:00 — everywhere

Cologne is one of the oldest and most intriguing cities in Germany. If you wish
to peel back the layers of time and explore this unique city then join us for
the City Rally. We have prepared some deviously tricky riddles that will have
you scouring the streets of the charming old town and the alleyways of some
not-so-well-known places. To top it off we will visit the grand gothic Cathedral
of Cologne (the highest church with two towers in the world).


Construction Night

Sunday, 11.08., 21:00 — Hostel, room Barcelona — Tivoli

For everyone into building things, there will be a construction competition at 21:00 in room Barcelona (top floor of the hostel).
You and 5 others will compete against other teams of 6 to construct either the most stable bridge or the most marble-bearing unsinkable boat that has ever sailed a 30cm plastic tub.
After the winners have been chosen we will all go to the TIVOLI club where you can brag about your accomplishments to all those that will listen.

For all those whose construction abilities would be challenged by a lean-to, you can proceed directly to the TIVOLI club after dinner and improve your dancing skills in a workshop or just show off your mad moves and dance circles around those bragging about how many marbles their boat held.

Carnival – Costume Party

Monday, 12.08., 21:00 — Bogen 2

The Carnival (German: Karneval, Kölsch: Fastelovend, Fasteleer) is a
tradition celebrated in Cologne since ancient times. It evolved over the centuries and is still evolving. Because things went too crazy, in 1823 the Festkomitee was founded to the organise the Carnival festivities.

Traditionally known as the ‘fifth season’, it starts officially 11 minutes after 11 o’clock on the 11th of November (11/11 11:11) and lasts until Ash Wednesday.
During this period, a lot of grand balls and stage shows (Sitzungen), consisting of the typical Cologne carnival music, dances and orations, take place all across the city.

One week before Ash Wednesday the pace of activities reaches a crescendo known as the “crazy days” (Tolle Tage).
This is a week long festival in the city centre as well as in the districts of Cologne, with many open air events, pub crawls, music and parades.
During these days the people of Cologne dress in their best and most extravagant costumes.
The highlight of carnival is Rosenmontag – Rose Monday, two days before Ash Wednesday: the parade on Rosenmontag, 8 km (or 5h) long (the longest in Europe!) attracts 1 million vistors from all over the world.
The participants throw sweets (Kamelle) and flowers (Strüßjer) from their decorated carts into the cheering crowds and distribute kisses (Bützjer).

Even if we are currently out of season, we will give you a glimpse of the spirit of carnival during the traditional ICPS costume party.
It will be a party with typical music and beer of Cologne, the so called Kölsch.

The dress code is the same of a typical carnival party – and ICPS Costume party.
Be creative, as the best costume will win a prize!

See you there and Kölle Alaaf!


Free Night (Gaming Night / Pub Crawl)

Tuesday, 13.08., 20:45 — Hostel, entrance hall

We Germans are very well known for two things — trying new things and relaxing! That’s why this year we are mixing the usual ICPS schedule up with a free evening. We figure after half a week of lectures, talks, excursions and just a few wild evenings, everyone could use a little break and recharge the batteries. So this is your chance to do what you want! Put your feet up or keep the party rolling your choice. For those that want a bit more structure we have organized two mini events for this evening. For the party people we have a pub crawl of all the best student pubs in Cologne. For the aspiring world conquerors out there we have a gaming night. Here you can join some of your new friends at playing board games and then lose them as you crush them with your armies MUHAHAHA…or play a nice friendly game of munchkin.


Nationals Evening

Wednesday, 14.08., 21:00 – Hostel, entrance area

On Wednesday we have the event that everyone is waiting for! The Cinderella’s ball of ICPS. It’s NATIONS EVENING! (I am so saying this with a deep announcer voice in my head right now) Here member of each national group participating in ICPS have the opportunity to prepare food and drink (kitchens available) typical of their nation and share it will all of ICPS.


Conference Dinner on the Rhine

Thursday, 15.08.,18:45 — Bonner Personenschifffahrt at the Brassertufer

After exploring Bonn another highlight of the week is waiting at the Rhine pier for our conference dinner on the way back to Cologne by boats! During the ride a buffet is served and you can buy drinks at the bar. Hopefully the weather is nice and we can enjoy a relaxed evening shipping through the sunset.


Closing Ceremony

Friday, 16.08., 18:15 -19:00 — Chemistry CH-HS

After the Guest Lecture you are welcome to stay for the Closing Ceremony.
You might just win a prize while enjoying a photographic review of ICPS.
We will also be introducing several exciting upcoming events where you can meet some of the ICPS participants again.


Farewell Evening

Friday, 16.08., 21:00 — Tivoli

After the dinner we will go to the Tivoli club one last time for the Farewell Party, your last chance to chat and dance with your new friends — at least, for this ICPS.
There will also be an opportunity to leave some nice words as a memento. Enjoy the evening and make sure to grab one of our famous ICPS cocktails!