The International Conference of Physics Students (ICPS) is an annual meeting of physics students from all over the world and the biggest and most important event of IAPS.

The conference gives students a great opportunity to share their research, to practise presenting it, to meet lots of new people, to network with each other, and to get to know the culture and traditions of the country where it takes place. Students also have the chance to listen to lectures by leading scientists, discuss various topics in poster sessions, to visit local laboratories in the host city, and to just have fun.

The first ICPS was held in 1986, organised by a group of Hungarian students who wanted to meet up with their fellow students all over the world, and from thereon, it became a regular meeting with a different host country every year.


In 2018, the International Conference of Physics Students brought almost 400 physics students from 40 different countries to Helsinki for a week. The conference focused on environmental issues and asked all the participants how they can contribute to solving the large questions we are meeting in these days with our globe.  Get more information on  the ICPS 2018 Homepage!