ICPS 2019 Cologne

The event is held on 10th to 17th of August 2019 at the University of Cologne and is organized by the jDPG, the youth organisation of the German Physical Society. During the seven day conference there will be guest lectures, student presentations, poster sessions, excursions to laboratories and companies and various of social events in the evenings.

The conference’s aim are to facilitate international exchange and to allow the participants to discover their individual strengths. The participants are encouraged to present a scientific poster or to give a 12 minute presentation about their research or scientific interests.




Invited Guest Lectures

More Information about our Guest Speakers you can find here.

Students Contributions

The scientific programme is the backbone of every ICPS. Talks and posters by students are, therefore, a vital part of the conference.
We will publish more information here soon.


The accomodation for the duration of the conference will be the DJH Youth Hostel Cologne-Deutz. It is conveniently located next to the river Rhine and the city centre as well as the train station “Köln Messe/Deutz”. By taking the tram, the university can be reached within approximately 20 minutes. Between 2 and 8 participants will share a room.

External Visits


Codescience/industry institutiontopiccultural part
E1DLRspace scienceEscape Room
E2Frauenhofer Istitute für Lasertechniklaser technologyVisiting Aachen
E3AmpaCitysuperconducting power cableZeche Zollverein
E4Leyboldvaccum technologyblacklight minigolf
E5FordR&DFord car production
E6MPIradio astronomygeo caching
E7RWEpower supplysoccergolf
E8FZ Jülichscience centerFreilichtmuseum
E9Aixtronsemiconductors and nanomaterialsclimbing
E10Covestropolymer productionSwimming
E11Thyssenkruppsteel productionLandschaftspark Duisburg

more information can be found at the excursions page.

Labtours Cologne

LT-SSolid-State Physiscs
LT-Nnuclear physics
LT-TTheoretical Physiscs
LT-Pphysical chemistry

More Information


CodeLab TourCodeLab Tour
BL1FHR WachtbergBC1UN Campus
BL2CAESARBC2Villa Hammerschmidt
BL3DLR BonnBC3Haus der Geschichte
BL4Quantum OpticsBC4Kunstmusem
BL5Particle Physics Accelerator ELSABC5Botanischer Garten
BL6Detector physics BC6City Tour
BL7Ultracold atomsBC7Bundeskunsthalle
BL8Nano PhotonicsBC8Goldfuß-Museum

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If you do have questions or suggestions related to it please feel free to contact In case you do need any special requirements for example regarding your health or diet you can also contact our data and privacy protection officer