ICPS 2019 Cologne

The event is held on 10th to 17th of August 2019 at the University of Cologne and is organized by the jDPG, the youth organisation of the German Physical Society. During the seven day conference there will be guest lectures, student presentations, poster sessions, excursions to laboratories and companies and various of social events in the evenings.

The conference’s aim are to facilitate international exchange and to allow the participants to discover their individual strengths. The participants are encouraged to present a scientific poster or to give a 12 minute presentation about their research or scientific interests.


Important Deadlines

Delegates registration: At the latest 15.04.2019; only while registration is open

Upload of abstracts: 18.04. -30.04.2019 (max. 14 days for registration in the final round)

Final registration phase: starts 08.05.2019,  12 pm CET (UTC+1)

How to register

In order to register for ICPS2019 you first need to  sign in/register at the IAPS member network: and select ICPS 2019.

Don’t miss to confirm your registration. If successful, you will receive an automatically generated sign-up receipt. Note that this is not the confirmation to ICPS 2019 which will be send in a separate email if applicable.

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Invited Guest Lectures

More Information about our Guest Speakers you can find here.


Conference Fee & Payment

The conference fee is 230€ and it includes the entire programme, meals and accommodation during the conference week. If you want to arrange your own accommodation during the conference week, the conference fee will be reduced to 150€.


The payment process starts in mid march 2019.

Once you received an invoice from us, it has to be paid within 2 weeks to keep your place. Expired places will be passed to other applicants.


BCGS Travel Grants

The Bonn Cologne Graduate School of Physics and Astronomy (BCGS) is offering five travel reimbursement grants up to 400€ for participants of the ICPS covering the conference fee and travel expenses.

Who can apply?
Students from Europe with a scientific contribution at ICPS.

How to apply?
Please provide the following documents as pdf:

  • motivation letter (1 page) for your participation
  • a CV
  • your latest transcript of records
  • abstract of your contribution

and send them to by 30th April.

  • letter of support from a professor or senior staff member

This letter should be sent by the respective referee directly to not later than 30th of April.

Decisions will be announced end of May.

Dr. Karl Mey Scholarships

The DPG has established the “Fondation Dr. Karl Mey-Scholarships”, named after Dr. Karl Mey (born in 1879, missed after 1945) who was a physicist and former President of the DPG. The purpose of this foundation is in particular the promotion of junior scientists from Central and Eastern Europe. Fostering junior scientists was near and dear to Dr. Karl Mey. Therefore, his late son (Karl Mey junior) initiated the fundation in memory of his father in the spirit of transnational support of young scientists with a specific focus on physics.

The foundation supports up to six participants of ICPS with a scholarship up to 600€ covering the conference fee and travel expenses.

Who can apply?
Students and PhD Students with a scientific contribution at ICPS from the following Central and Eastern European countries: Belarus, Bosnia and Herzegovina, Bulgaria, Croatia, Czech Republic, Estonia, Hungary, Kosovo, Latvia, Lithuania, Moldowa, Montenegro, North Macedonia, Poland, Romania, Serbia, Slovakia, Slovenia, Ukraine

How to apply?

Register for the conference as usual and send a

  • letter of motivation (not more than 1 page) describing your motivation to go to ICPS
  • a CV
  • abstract of contribution

to not later than 30th April.

  • a letter of recommendation from a senior academic staff member, submitted directly to not later than 30th April.

Acceptances Rules ICPS2019

Applications without accommodation request are handled separately. Depending on the amount of such applications the rules defined below might be applied.

The set of rules below will be applied for registration with accommodation.

In the final registration round the previous rules that took into account student contributions, gender and country of origin to guarantee a as high diversity at ICPS as possible will be replaced by first come, first served.

Expiring Places:

Every bill has to be paid within 2 weeks of retention otherwise the place will be given to another participant.

Reservered Places:

 There are the following amount of places reservered for certain groups to be claimed via registration by the 15th of April:

iaps EC9
ICPS 2018/20202 each
Plancks OC 2019/20202 each
iaps delegates (2 per NC, 1 per LC)68
iaps WW Grant2


Please check the website of the Federal Foreign Office if you need a VISA for Germany
You can receive our invitation letter for the visa application in two ways:
fast trackby providing us a recommendation letter from your supervisor
normal trackby paying for your invoice
We will send you the invitation letter after receiving the recommendation letter / payment. In the former case, you can request invoice once you have got your visa.
If your visa appointment takes places after the 1st of June, you must contact


Students Contributions

The scientific programme is the backbone of every ICPS. Talks and posters by students are, therefore, a vital part of the conference.
We will publish more information here soon.


The accomodation for the duration of the conference will be the DJH Youth Hostel Cologne-Deutz. It is conveniently located next to the river Rhine and the city centre as well as the train station “Köln Messe/Deutz”. By taking the tram, the university can be reached within approximately 20 minutes. Between 2 and 8 participants will share a room.

External Visits


science/industry institutiontopiccultural part
DLRspace scienceOdyseeum
Frauenhofer Istitute für Lasertechniklaser technologyVisiting Aachen
AmpaCitysuperconducting power cableZeche Zollverein
Leyboldvaccum technologybrewery
FordR&DFord car production
MPIradio astronomygeo caching
RWEpower supplysoccergolf
FZ Jülichscience centerFreilichtmuseum
Aixtronsemiconductors and nanomaterialsclimbing

more information can be found at the excursions page.

Labtours Cologne

LT-SSolid-State Physiscs
LT-Nnuclear physics
LT-TTheoretical Physiscs
LT-Pphysical chemistry

More Information


CodeLab TourCodeLab Tour
BL1FHR WachtbergBC1UN Campus
BL2CAESARBC2Villa Hammerschmidt
BL3DLR BonnBC3Haus der Geschichte
BL4Quantum OpticsBC4Kunstmusem
BL5Particle Physics Accelerator ELSABC5Botanischer Garten
BL6Detector physics BC6City Tour
BL7Ultracold atomsBC7Bundeskunsthalle
BL8Nano PhotonicsBC8Goldfuß-Museum

More Information

Statement on sustainability and diversity

The Organising Committee of the International Conference of Physics Students 2019 is aware that an event of this dimension also comes along with social responsibility on how to organise it and which implications are connected with its organisation. Here we want to stress sustainability and diversity as those are a matter of fairness towards future generations and to each individual.

Related to sustainability, before, during and after the conference we will follow as good as possible the principle of using as little non-sustainable resources as possible. This will include besides competition on sustainable travelling.

At least as important for an international student conference we feel responsible for acknowledging and foster diversity in its different dimensions. Most of all this includes diversity in cultural origin, gender, sexual origin, personal philosophy of life, field of physics and state of studies.

Therefore, we will not consider any of these criteria whenever reasonable. Exceptions will be made if it is required due to significant initial imbalance. This will be the case for the country of study. We will make a difference based on the home country of the applicants to take into account that the starting conditions are not the same for all of them. To grant them an equal chance to participate nevertheless they will only compete for participation among students from an equal background. Further, we will ideally and actively support students who require visas by for example visa-friendly reimbursement rules. For more details, please see also our acceptance rules and visa guidelines.

In addition, we acknowledge that globally that there is in most country a slight to significant disadvantage in opportunities based on gender. We would like to compensate this via our acceptance rules in a reasonable framework.

If you do have questions or suggestions related to it please feel free to contact In case you do need any special requirements for example regarding your health or diet you can also contact our data and privacy protection officer